Points to Remember

  • You cannot be late for class. If you miss warm-ups, you may not be able to participate in class.
  • No excessive jewelry should be worn to class.
  • No jeans or any school clothes are allowed. No dance clothes means no dance class.
  • No gum chewing, food or sodas allowed in the dance rooms.  Only water bottles are allowed in class.
  • Cell phones must be turned off or on silent mode before class begins.   If your cell phone becomes a distraction to the class, we will place it in our cell phone bin, and you can get it back after class is over.
  • PDC communicates through e-mail, and you are responsible for keeping and checking a current e-mail account in order to receive updates and important messages.  It is also your responsibility to read all PDC Newsletters and check the bulletin board for any announcements you may have missed through email.